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Benjamin Wilms

How to foster a Culture of Resilience

Benjamin Wilms - Steadybit

Chaos Engineering identifies weaknesses in supposedly reliable and stable systems. By discussing how to build transparency around the actual resilience of deployed apps among teams and how to balance appropriate reliability and engineering velocity, we will learn to build a culture of resilience.

In the past few years, a lot has happened in the field of chaos engineering. A large community has developed from the original radical new approach of intentionally causing errors and failures. The principles have been refined and the popularity of chaos engineering is growing.

I don’t want to reintroduce the topic, but rather show why the topic is more important than ever, how we are currently dealing with it, and why chaos engineering is just the beginning. Our journey into the world of distributed and dynamic systems has just begun.

Collaboration and knowledge transfer are our tools for success. With these powerful tools, a Culture of Resilience will automatically emerge.

- How to create transparency about the actual resilience of the deployed applications in the teams?
- How to balance appropriate reliability with development velocity?
- How can you empower people to build a Culture of Resilience?

I’ve already had the opportunity to talk to many different teams about the topic of resilience and system stability - questions and uncertainties are more than normal at this point in the journey. That said, it’s important to make these issues more visible.

Let’s discuss together how we can move to a future where we turn energy and creativity into code.

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